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Welcome (Obokhian) to Obadan web site, The official web site for Obadan people. This website contains the information about the concise history of Obadan Town in Benin City - Edo state - Nigeria. Obadan.com also contains a brief information about the history of Benin Kingdom and the relationship between Obadan people and the Oba of Benin - the king of the great Benin Empire. Oba khato okpere! - Ise. In Benin - Edo language, "Obokhian" means welcome; "Oba khato Okpere" means may the king of Benin Kingdom live longer; "Ise" means Amen.

Traditions of Origin

Obadan town is located in about 38½ kilometers east of Benin City in Uhumwode Local Government Council (formally in Orhiomwon Local Government Council). Benin City is the capital city of Edo state which is the Midwest east of Nigeria, West Africa. Obadan is one of the villages that existed before the second period of the Benin Empire in about 1200 A.D. It existed with other villages like Erua, Udeni, Ebue and Ugha. It is one of the villages that have hereditary Chiefs (Enigie). Please note that Benin City is not the same as Benin Republic. So please do not confuse Benin republic with Benin City. Edo language is the traditional language spoken in Obadan town and Obadan arts and culture is a typical Benin arts and culture.

The First Inhabitants of Obadan

The early settlers at Obadan first camped in an enclave at the old Edohen street at Obadan according to oral tradition. They lived a simple life. Their main occupation was farming. There were other patches of the villages which were to the north west of Obadan. They were: Ugo, Ohun and Ugo-Nowewe. Unfortunately, these villages were swept by an epidemic which lasted for six months. The survivors found their ways to meet the people of Obadan. This was one of the factors which accounted for the growth of Obadan during the 13th century.

Obadan Name Derivatives

However, the people of Obadan started to gain much recognition and prominence during the time of Ezomo (EHENUA) and during the reign of King Akenzua I (Oba Akenzua I) of the Benin empire in about 1713 A.D. Oba means King In Benin. During one of the wars fought to extend the Oba´s rule to the far north of Benin City, Ezomo (EHENUA) was made the Chief Commander of one of the Brigades who camped under shade trees called OBADAN. The enogie of Obadan was made Platoon Commander. The name OBADAN was named after that SHEDE TREE where the war lords camp was based and that base became obadan village which remain the present site of Obadan Village today.

Obadan Hospitality

Many able-bodied citizens of Obadan were also recruited into the army. The people of Obadan were very hospitable to the soldiers. They were well fed and adequate co-operation was given to them.

After the Pyrrhic victory where the Enogie of Obadan who had only a daughter lost his life, Ezomo Ehenua decided to leave some soldiers at Obadan and make it a military sub-headquarter. The captives were handed over to Obadan people to look after while Ehenua went to Benin City to give the Oba the result of the war. Obadan was then left without Enogie.

Obadan Links to Esan and Etsako

It is worthy to note that the founders of Egho, Amahor in (Esan) and Ekperi in (Etsako) were from Obadan.

Esan People

Esan is another major ethnic groups in Edo State, South-south geopolitical zone of Nigeria. Many historians believed that the name 'Esan' (originally, 'E san fia') originated from Bini. Another form of 'Esan' is 'Ishan' derived as a result of inability of colonial Britain's to properly pronounce the name of this ethnic group. Esan refers to the ethnic group that occupies central Edo State.

Etsako People

Etsako people are one of the major ethnic groups in northern Edo State, Nigeria. They presently occupy three local government areas of Edo State; these are Etsako East, Etsako West and Etsako Central, with Agenebode, Auchi, and Fugar as their administrative headquarter

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